RMS COMPLEX™ Scar, Wrinkle & Lightening Complex 30ml


Age Defying...Fortifying...Firming...Nourishing...Lightening...Refining...Renewing...Scar and Wrinkle Complex


Truly age-defying! With naturally occurring EFA’s, polyphenols, and ACE Vitamins, rosehip oil (RMS) offers a powerful defense mechanism against free radical damage. Combined with Grape Seed and other plant extracts, the complex promotes increased elasticity, the fading of responsive discoloration (freckles, age-spots), strengthening support to small capillaries (thread veins) and helps reduce the look fine line and wrinkles. Naturally scented. Dye, artificial fragrance, animal cruelty free and paraben free skincare.

Key Components:  Rose Hip, Grapeseed, ACE Vitamins, EFA, Chamomile, Lavender.

Skincare Applications:  Apply a few drops of the BioRMS Skin Lifting and Lightening Complex day or night, to clean skin, alone, or on top of any other BioStrat Formulation. May also be applied around the eyes and to the lips.  

Professional Applications:  Professionals use the BioRMS™ Skin Lifting and Lightening Complex in anti-aging facials and recommend it for regular use in “anti-aging” skincare regimes. 

Recommended Skin Types: Sensitive skin. Normal to dry aging skin. Photo-damaged skin. Menopausal skin. Non-flared Eczema and Psoriasis.