GREEN TEA LYCD™ Correction Complex 60ml


Soothing, Hydrating, Clarifying, Firming, Fortyfying, Paraben Free...Canadian Made Skincare

For instant firming and relieving puffiness around the eyes, models have been using Live Yeast Cell Derivative hemorrhoid products for years. Serving many skin types, this LYCD formulation also features Green Tea and Vitamin E to calm, hydrate and enhance collagen formation for increased skin resiliency. Ideal for thread veins, sagging elasticity and inflammations commonly associated with blemishes, Rosacea and flushed Sensitive Skin. Non-comedogenic. Paraben, dye and animal cruelty free.

Recommended skin gel lotion for: Sensitive skin. Oily skin. Acne prone skin. Rosacea. Non-flared Eczema and Psoriasis. Normal skin. Dry skin. Photo-aged sun-damaged skin. Mature and Post-Menapausal skin. Wrinkles. Redness. Minor intact inflammations.

Key Ingredients: Live yeast cell derivative (LYCD). Green Tea. Shea. Aloe. Vitamin E.

Skincare Applications:  Apply generously to clean skin twice weekly as a leave-on mask or spot treatment. Then apply Post Mist™ and your favorite BioStrat moisturizer. For external use only. Stop use & contact specialist if abnormal irritation occurs.

Professional Applications:  The LYCD Stress Recovery Gel™ is used after comedone extractions, waxing, peels, microdermabrasion, micro-pigmentation and cosmetic laser therapy, cryotherapy, sclerotherapy, and as a soothing conductor gel in high frequency and galvanic procedures, and in skincare regimes and maintenance plans.