HEMP GLA™ Fortifying Complex 30ml


Nourishing...Calming...Fortifying...Immune Boosting...Moisture Balancing...Skin Hempseed Complex


Healthy skin is better able to defend itself from aging signs and bacterial invasion. As such, this fortifying BioStrat Formulation hosts immune boosting GLA’s, along with Grape Seed, Vitamin E and soothing Botanicals, that won’t clog pores. Whether used to for relieving surface dehydration, or enhancing resiliency, texture and elasticity, the nourishing aspects of this complex serves many skin types. Non-comedogenic. Naturally scented. Paraben, dye free and animal cruelty free.

Key Components:  Hempseed.  Grapeseed.  Vitamin E.  Azulene Chamomile.  Lavender.

Skincare Applications:  Apply The BioHemp™ day or night, to clean skin after applying any BioStrat liquid or gel formulation. It may also be massaged in with any of the BioStrat lotions and creams for increased lubrication and supplementary benefits.   

Professional Applications:  The BioHemp™ is used during facials, massages, and after peels, microdermabrasion and cosmetic laser. In skincare plans, it is recommended as a resiliency booster and for enhancing the overall results of certain aesthetic treatments. 

Recommended Skin Types:  Sensitive skin. Normal to oily skin. Acne prone skin.  Normal to dry aging skin.  Sun-damaged skin.  Menopausal skin.  Rosacea.  Non-flared Eczema and Psoriasis.