EXFOL 5%™ Glycolic MicroPeel 60ml


Exfol 5%™ Gentle Home Facial Glycolic MicroPeel

Exfoliating...Rejuvenating...Brightening...Refining...Clarifying...Firming...Toning...Decongesting...Age Defying


Description:  Featuring Pure Crystalline Glycolic extracted from the BEST 99% professional grade, this Home Facial Peel supports a more regulated cell turnover rate,  the removal of lifeless aged cells and the signaling of deeper skin layers for enhanced skin firmness, clarity, resiliency, color, firmness and texture. Also supports an improved overall outcome many spa services such advanced peels, microdermabrasion and cosmetic laser. Dye, fragrance, animal cruelty and paraben free skincare.

Recommended Home Peel for:  Normal to Dry skin.  Normal to Oily skin.  Acne prone skin.  Mature and Menopausal skin.  Most Sensitive skins and mild Rosacea. 

Key Components:  Green Tea, Gingko, Shea Fruit, Aloe, Vitamin E. Glycolic Acid extracted from pure crystalline 99% in a hydrophilic gel base for quick performance - PH 3.5.

General Skincare Applications:  Cleanse with the BioStrat Prep Wash™ and let the skin dry. Then apply the Exfol 5™ Glycolic MicroPeel followed by the Post Mist™ and Eco-Day™ Moisturizer Solar 15+.

Professional Applications:  During facials, the Exfol 5%™ Glycolic MicroPeel is used to gently exfoliate dry, aged cells in anti-aging facials; to loosen comedones before extractions in deep pore cleansings; to improve the absorption of other products when applied before massage; and used as part of a client’s daily skincare regime to prepare, maintain and to enhance the overall outcome of advanced peels, microdermabrasion, and cosmetic laser treatments.