BioERASE™ Skin Renewal Cream 70g


Firming, Brightening, Intensely Moisturizing, Canadian Skincare Renewal Cream

Description:  This intense moisturizing skin renewal cream contains age-defying ingredients, including "youth supporting" anti-oxidant Vitamins A, B, and C, Pine, Carrot, Green Tea, hydrating Natural Moisturizing Factors, Licorice, immune supporting EFA’s, soothing Lavender, calming Chamomile, and age defying Coenzyme Q10 for a serious reduction in the look of aging signs and younger looking skin with overall improved luminosity, moisture, texture, elasticity, color and tone. Naturally scented. No artificial fragrance. Non-comedogenic. Dye and animal cruelty free.

Recommended skin cream for:  Dry skin, Extremely dry skin, Wrinkles, Age spots, Sensitive skin, Photo-aged skin, Mature and Post Menopausal skin. Rosacea. Non-flared Eczema and Psoriasis.

Key Ingredients:  ACE Vitamins. Green Tea. EFA’s. Glycerin. Glycans. Hyaluronic acid. Pine Bark Pycnogenols. Carrot Root. Co-Q 10. Chamomile. Lavender.

Skincare Applications:  Apply as the step in your skincare regime, day or night, or whenever ultra-enriched moisture is sought.  May also be applied elsewhere on the body for multiple benefits.  

Professional Applications:  Professionals apply The BioErase™ during facials and massages, when performing body wraps and paraffin wax dips, and to maximize moisturization during manicures and pedicures when thermal heated mitts and boots are used.