BioBORAGE™ Calming Cream 65g


Hydrating, Moisturizing, Calming, Firming, Fortifying, Non-comedogenic Canadian Skincare

This fast absorbing, gentle cream features skin fortifying Borage with moisturizing and immune supporting EFA's, GLA’s, along with revitalizing Ginseng, age-defying Vitamin E, and soothing essential oils to promote youthful looking skin and calm even colour. Hypo-allergenic. Naturally scented.  Non-comedogenic.  Dye and animal cruelty free.

Recommended skin cream for:  Sensitive skin. Rosacea.  Eczema. Normal to dry skin. Superficially dehydrated Acne prone skin.

Key Ingredients:  Borage.  EFA’s.  Panax Ginseng.  Lavender.  Aloe.  Chamomile.  Dimethicone. Glycerin.  Sodium PCA.  Tocopherol (Vitamin E).

Skincare Applications:  Apply The BioBorage™ botanical calming cream cream day or night, to clean skin as the last step in your daily skincare regime. 

Professional Applications:  Professionals apply The BioBorage™ during facials and after various advanced skin treatments and procedures.