Classified under several categories, the specific cause and cure for Rosacea remains unknown. Those experiencing Rosacea and fair complexions are typically more sensitive to photo-damage attributed to UV ray exposure than those possessing darker complexions.

Studies show that glycolic not only removes dead cells associated with rough feeling dry patches, but that it also has an anti-inflammatory effect. However, when combined with fragrance and/or dyes, or another means of exfoliation, the skin may respond unfavourably. Our specially formulated series for sensitive skin therefore remains sensibly dye and fragrance free, and can help flushed complexions appear calmer looking within days.

To manage the irregular patching reflecting the presence of accumulated corneocytes (dead cells), the Exfol Gel 5% was introduced along with supportive formulations: Prep Wash, Post Mist, Eco-day, LYCD Recovery Gel and BioBorage Cream.

Our Recommendation:  Apply the BioStrat Skin Resurfacing Starter Kit formulations daily as tolerated. To help reduce blotching, apply the LYCD Recovery Gel, preferably before applying moisturizer or cream. Before bed, apply the BioBorage Cream and/or the Hempseed GLA Complex.

After three months of applying the above formulations, consider a Biostrat Rapid Exfol 20% series.