Oily & Acne Prone Skin

Begin your skin transformation with the non-comedogenic skincare formulations in the BioStrat ReSurfacing Kit™.

Our formula helps to release  'stuck' accumulated dead cells on the skin's surface, allowing underlying trapped debris to escape more freely through newly established pore exit routes. As oxygenation to the lower skin layers increases, the presence of the bacteria associated with acne begins to lessen, and discoloration and swelling starts to diminish. Overall texture and clarity typically improves quickly.

Our Recommendation:  Apply the BioStrat Starter Kit™ formulations daily. Apply the LYCD Stress Recovery Gel™ to blemishes once daily. After one week of using the formulations in the BioStrat Skin ReSurfacing Kit™, consider a Biostrat Peel™ series offered by select spas and clinics. A series of 6 to 12 peels is recommenced as well as managing and maintaining your skin at home with BioStrat advanced skincare products.