Dry & Damaged Skin

BioStrat Skin Resurfacing™ helps to improve dry skin by exfoliating rough feeling dead cells, while encouraging a more regulated cellular renewal process. Glycolic, an ingredient in many of our skin care products, helps to reduce rough feeling patches, while also improving the overall performance of moisturizing creams and lotion, leaving the skin feeling soft and supple.

Our Recommendation: Clean your skin with the Prep Wash™. Let it dry and then apply about a dime size of the skin resurfacing glycolic Exfol Gel 5%™ to your face. After that, apply the Post Mist™ and then the Eco-Day™.  The skin resurfacing process usually takes several weeks. At night, if your skin feels like it could use some extra moisture while the resurfacing process is underway, apply the BioErase Cream™, and/or the RMS. 

After one week, consider a Biostrat Peel™ series.


Dry Hands

Left hand after one 30% Rapid Exfol Peel is instantly soften and calmed.
Un-peeled right hand remains chapped and red.