Glycolic Peels & Micro-Peels

Exfol Gel 5%™  Micro-Peel

If BioStrat Skin ReSurfacing™  is new to you, or your skin is sensitive, the Exfol Gel 5%™ is the recommended Home Micro-Peel starting strength. 

Extracted from a 99% glycolic, this lower concentration offers similar benefits to higher strength glycolic formulations over time by gently helping to initiate the skin resurfacing process. 

In addition, this mild yet effective glycolic concentration holds a vital role in preparing and 'acclimatizing' the skin for more advanced skin treatments such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion and skin laser therapy, and in maintaining the skin thereafter.

Being dye and perfume free, it exfoliate while communicating with deeper skin layers to enhance collagen and glycosaminoglycan deposition for improved clarity, texture, and firmness.


Exfol Gel 10%™ Micro-Peel

The Exfol Gel 10%™ glycolic micro-peel is a step up in strength from the Exfol Gel 5%™. 

As a 10% glycolic micropeel, this active concentration is extracted from 99.99% glycolic for maximum performance. Expect to feel a bit of minor tingling, which generally dissipates after your skin acclimatizes.

This specialized BioStrat Home Micro-Peel is recommended for acne and pronounced aging signs; including deeper lines and wrinkles, aged spots, and skin in need of rejuvenation and firming.

Being dye and perfume free, this glycolic formulation exfoliates while also communicating with deeper skin layers to enhance collagen and glycosaminoglycan deposition, for increased strength and youthful-looking suppleness.

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Rapid Exfol 20%™ - Advanced Glycolic Peel for Professionals

For clients new to advanced resurfacing, this is the perfect introductary peel strength. Intended for professional use only, this peel contains the superior Pure Crystalline Glycolic clinical grade of glycolic, extracted from the 99.99% highest quality on the market. 

This quick working and specialized BioStrat Formulation™ serves as a “benefit booster” to the BioStrat Micro-Peels™. Taking less time than many other treatments, the skin typically looks significantly smoother, brighter, and more evenly toned after just one peel. When combined with the Skin Resurfacing Kit™, more noticeable results may be achieved and maintained over a longer period of time.

Reccomendations: For maximum benefits, professionals apply the BioStrat Rapid Exfol 20%™ glycolic peel to clean, dry skin on the face and/or body, once every two weeks, over a period of two or three months. To enhance the overall outcome, we often recommend the BioStrat Skin Resurfacing Kit™ be used at home, one to two weeks before a person receives such advanced resurfacing treatments, and also used thereafter as a skin maintenance plan.


Rapid Exfol 30%™ - Advanced Glycolic Peel for Professionals

The Rapid Exfol 30%™ BioStrat Peel serves as an upgrade strength to the Rapid Exfol 20%, and perfoms best on skin that has first become acclimatized to BioStrat Exfol Gel 5%™ or Exfol Gel 10%™. Taking less time than many other aesthetic treatments, the skin typically looks significantly smoother, brighter, and more evenly toned after just one peel. A peel series combined with the Skin Resurfacing Kit™ formulas offers even more dramatic results.

If you are interested in purchasng either of our professional grade products, you are required to contact either our Head Office, or that of an authorized Distributor. Please provide your full name, the name and address of the spa or clinic you represent, along with an email address and telephone number that you can be reached at during standard business operating hours. You may quickly sumbit such information by completing our contact form, or by emailing or calling us directly.

Those providing such treatments are required by Health Canada to advise their clients on the daily use of sun protection.