Product Reviews

"I started using the Prep Wash and BioBorage cream and instantly saw results.  I had been using Clinque and Estee Lauder products for 31 years and never saw my skin look this good. I then started using the 5% and 10%  Exfol Gels, and my skin keeps on getting better.  I finally have the confidence in my skin that I stopped using foundation. I recommend your line to my friends, it's the best..." - Lynda W.


"I am writing to first and foremost tell you how amazing I think your Hemp Seed GLA Complex is. I have had problems with my skin for as long as I can remember and this product has worked wonders! I stumbled upon it while attending University in Lethbridge, AB and have used it ever since, it has made a real difference in my self confidence and how I feel about my skin...Is there anywhere in Grande Prairie, that carries your products (as I would like to try more of them)? I suspect they do not so my plan B would be to order online or from another city? Please help me!" - Amanda S


“I have been using Biostrat products for almost a year now and I am extremely satisfied with the success I have achieved from them in terms of my cystic acne and hyperpigmentation. Thanking you for your assistance.”  - C.K.