BioStrat In the News

BioStrat in the News

BioStrat Canada Inc. has been featured in the news on several occasions. Our mission statement is to provide jobs across Canada, to support the shaping of healthy futures.

Over the years, we have assisted various non-profit organizations.

Our CEO, Ms. P. Smyth, is a Canadian Forces Veteran. As such, we honour our Canadian Veterans. Being one of the first females certified in Combat Arms (Armoured), and who also served in the Medical Corps, she encountered many situations that spurred the necessity and development of the BioStrat Formulations.

Ms. Smyth is also a published journalist, with numerous articles and photographs published in Canadian newspapers and online and abroad. Her published stories and features encompass a range of topics, including environmental issues, biographies, the arts, human interest stories, genealogy, and contributions made by so many other to society at large.

In support of the professional spa industry, Ms. Smyth instantly recognized the value of Alpha Hydroxy Acids when a 20 year patent on glycolic was lifted in the early 1990's. Spending some six months traveling and interviewing professors and chemists in labs, extensive research resulted in the creation of BioStrat Canada Incorporated in 1994.

As an ice-breaker, she oversaw the introduction of higher percentage glycolic peels being made in Canada. BCI was then featured on "50 Up", an television show produced by CBC, a primary Canadian Broadcasting news network.

As the company grew, it was able to support various charitable causes. The first involved resurrecting a feed the homeless project in the downtown sector of Vancouver. The second, on a more personal scale, involved adopting SPCA rescued animals, another involved attempts to bridge missing gaps regarding elder abuse prevention and the need for legislation revisions, and the most recent involves supporting the Navy League Cadets and children.

Thrilled with seeing youngsters developed new talents through adventure and exploration she's sponsored sponsored a sea expedition where cadets explored the pristine waters surrounding Baynes Sound and the Deep Bay Harbour and a private group conducted tour of the Vancouver Island University Marine Field Station where the children picked up live starfish, sea cucumbers and also met a rather large octopus. At sea, they also saw sea lions, seal and in the far distance, what appeared to whale tales slapping in the waves. The shared comradery and the elevated enthusiasm by viewing the the wonders of nature were incredible.

In honour of those who have served Canada and in support of shaping healthy futures, both BCI and Ms. Smyth are presently involved in a campaign that recognizes Canadian Veterans, and related youth groups.

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