EXFOL BODY Smoothing Lotion™ 500mlEXFOL 10%™ Glycolic MicroPeel 120mlEXFOL 5%™ Glycolic MicroPeel 120mlPOST MIST™ Rebalancing Skin Spray 500mlBio-LYCD™ Stress Recovery Gel 120mlBioBORAGE™ Botanical Calming Cream 225gBioERASE™ Skin Renewal Cream 225gPREP WASH™ Balancing Cleanser 350mlBioERASE™ Skin Renewal Cream 70gHEMP GLA COMPLEX™ 30mlPOST MIST™ Rebalancing Skin Spray 120mlPREP WASH™ Balancing Cleanser 240mlEXFOL 10%™ Glycolic MicroPeel 60mlBio-RMS™ Skin Lifting and Lightening Complex 30ml10% EXFOL BODY Smoothing Lotion™ 240mlBioBORAGE™ Botanical Calming Cream 65gNEW - Green Tea LYCD™ 60mlECO-DAY™ Moisturizer Solar 15+ 50mlEXFOL 5%™ Glycolic MicroPeel 60ml

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About Biostrat Canada Inc.

We've been specializing in skin resurfacing and botanical products for over 20 years! There's a reason why people with different skin types and concerns keep coming back. Our line consists of Advanced Skincare, Nutrient enriched Botanical Creams, Lotion and Serums, glycolic home Micro-Peels, and professional grade Glycolic Peels.

Specialized Products for Spa Treatments: As a leader in supplying Peels and Advanced Skincare formulations, we specialize skin resurfacing formulations, supportive maintenance skincare, and products designed to enhance many spa treatments.

Specialized Products for Home Use: Our BioStrat Micro-Peels™ and advanced skincare formulations help to address many concerns and are used by men and women in the privacy of their own homes. You will find a wealth of information in this site. Enjoy.

Why choose BioStrat ReSurfacing?

Good question. In raw material form, certain ingredients come in different grades and strengths, especially essential oils and glycolic.  Some may also be weakened or neutralized by other ingredients that make up of product's cosmetic matrix. For example, a 10% glycolic extracted from a 20% glycolic raw material source may end up being a 1% yet marketed as a 10%.  Naturally, a 99% glycolic raw material source is considerably more concentrated than a 20% glycolic raw material source. The BioStrat Glycolic formulations feature extractions from a 99% raw material source.