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 Proudly Canadian.  Effective Simplicity for all skin types. Serving  spas since 1994 
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Since first introducing this highly effective specialty line, in 1994, our glycolic peels have been featured on CBC. 

Both the Biostrat treatment and advanced skin care formulations are available  through authorized clinics and spas and online.

Entering our 20th year, it is highly rewarding to see diverse skin type's continuing to achieve desired results with just a few remarkably effective products.

Hypo - allergenic ... Not tested on animals ... Made in BC, Canada


BioBorage Calming Cream

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offer ends Nov 15, 2014

  • quick visible results
  • reduces the look of wrinkles
  • enhances firmness & elasticity
  • promotes even colour
  • lightens age spots
  • smooths uneven skin texture
  • refines the look of enlarged pores
  • manages & soothes rosacea
  • improves clarity & controls acne
  • softens, hydrates
  • deters ingrown hairs
  • improves overall radiance
  • notice younger, healthier looking skin

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Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Sensitive Skin

"I am so pleased!  I have the most sensitive skin and your products for the first time in my life don't leave me with dry or irritated skin...I am a very busy business woman and the simplicity of the products make it even more attractive. People ask me time and time again what I am doing...I truly believe that there is nothing out on the market that can touch the quality and results the BioStrat products provide. I would encourage everyone to try and see the difference for themselves."  Again thank-you !  D. P., Alberta

"Your product is the only one so far which does not cause a reaction to my skin.” Gabriele B, Alberta.

Obstructed Follicles (scalp)

"I am a 75 year old female. For a couple of years I have been changing shampoos to avoid getting bumps on my scalp. They appear and disappear and I have not been able to detect their cause...I am using your skin care products (which are the best I have ever tried on my face and neck)..." Sincerely, I.D.


“I am very grateful to have been introduced to Biostrat products...I went into a salon and had a peel done and..went home with the biostrat line and I have been acne-free since then. Thanks for your help. ”  J.B. Alberta

My acne has really subsided, its nearly next to nonexistent. My next goal is to reduce some of the scaring, and I'd like to try the RMS… Thanks for your time.” C. P., Coquitlam, BC


“I picked up a Starter Pack and so far had 2 professional peels - I have another one scheduled for next week.  So far I've been extremely pleased with the results… My skin eruptions have decreased significantly and the scaring has faded dramatically.  I still have a way to go before I am completely satisfied but I never expected these types of results so quickly.” Update: “I just finished my 6th glycolic peel and I'm superbly happy with the results... ” C. P., Coquitlam, BC.


“I've been using the products for over a month now and the redness in my skin due to rosacea has been significantly reduced. My mother also suffers with rosacea so I'm hoping she can find the products in her area.”  Thanks, Rachel – Powell River, BC.


"I have had eczema all my life and have had a very difficult time finding a skincare product that I was not allergic to.  I was very excited when my daughter suggested I try the Biostrat Micro-Exfoliation Plan.  I have always used a skin care system so immediately took to the Biostrat regime.  My dry scaly patches have completely disappeared and my skin is clear, smooth and soft ... The Biostrat Micro-Exfoliation Plan is by far the best regime. It is also wonderful having a Professional demonstrate the products before buying them ... I have a 30 years daughter and now often we are mistaken for sisters when we are together.  Thank you for an amazing product!" L.Crossley, Alberta


“I have been using Biostrat products for almost a year now and I am extremely satisfied with the success I have achieved from them in terms of my cystic acne and hyperpigmentation.  Thanking you for your assistance.”  C. K., Montmartre, SK

Overall Improvements

“I started using your products five months ago while at University in Lethbridge, Alberta, and have been extremely pleased with the effect that they have had on my skin. They are really great products that have made a big difference in the condition of my problem skin. I am going to be moving back home to Vancouver, BC, and would like to know which salons in the Lower Mainland carry your skincare line ... If you have a list that you could send me I would be grateful, as I am getting married at the end of May, and do not want to interrupt my skincare system.” Thank you, S. L.  

“I love your BioBorage night cream…Thank you.” - M. J., Victoria, BC.

 “I have tried other products but really miss the Prep Wash.  My face felt so clean feeling and it helped control some of my acne. Can you please provide me with…Thanks very much,” L. N.

 “I am interested in purchasing your product while living in London, England. If you have any distributors in England, could you let me know… I have used your products before and have bought them in Wetaskiwin, Alberta, but I no longer have access to that clinic as I am living overseas. Thank you for any information you can provide; your products are excellent. ”  C.G.

In Demand

"Hi!  I just started using your products a few months ago, and love them! I bought them at a salon in Edmonton, and now I am close to running out. I have moved to Vancouver now, and was wondering if you could tell me where I could buy your products.  I live in the Kitsilano area, so if there are any stores closer to home, that would be great! ” A. M.

"I am in desperate need of 2 bottles of Post Mist and 1 bottle of Prep Wash. I am down to my emergency supply". A. H.

“Thank you so very much for your prompt response to my inquiry! I really appreciate it! I'll be sure to call the phone numbers that you gave me so that I can restock my Biostrat supply for my return to Japan! Many thanks!” J. D.

No Foundation Required...

"I have been using the Biostrat glycolic gel for almost 2 years now and I love it ... I am finally able to go outside without foundation ... something I haven't done since grade 9 which was 20 years ago!!!" Thank you in advance. Heather

"I started using the Prep Wash and BioBorage cream and instantly saw  results.  I had been using Clinque and Estee Lauder products for 31 years and never saw my skin look this good. I then started using the 5% and 10%  exfol gels, and my skin keeps on getting better.  I finally have the confidence in my skin that I stopped using foundation. I recommend your line to my friends, it's the best...Lynda W.

"Hi there, I have using your products for almost a year now, and I must say they are simply superb.” Thanks, P. A.

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