Glycolic Peels & Advanced Skin Care

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Since first introducing this highly effective line, in 1994, our glycolic peels have been featured on CBC and at numerous conventions and trade shows. Many other fabulous skin formulations have since been developed. Entering our 20th year, satisfied customers keep coming back. Though we have many products to choose from, for 20 years, here is our best seller:

No. 1 seller

BioStrat ReSurfacing Starter Kit

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BioStrat Skin Resurfacing Kit

  • reduces the look of wrinkles

  • enhances firmness & elasticity

  • promotes even colour

  • lightens age spots

  • smooths uneven skin texture

  • refines the look of enlarged pores

  • manages & soothes rosacea

  • improves clarity & controls acne

  • softens, hydrates

  • deters ingrown hairs

  • improves overall radiance

  • quick visible results

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