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The BioStrat formulations have helped many people and many skin types, which explains why customers keep coming back. Since 1994, BCI has been a leader in providing professional grade Glycolic peels to spas/clinics and advanced skincare, now available through various outlets and online stores.

As a product supplier to day spas, laser clinics and medical spas that specialize in aesthetic services and higher-end skincare products, we initially provided training to owners and their staff when Glycolic was entered into skincare and peels. Though doing this, we also provide retail customers with spa referrals, along with online shopping options for those preferring door-to-door delivery of the BioStrat Skincare.    

Previously featured on CBC television, BioStrat Canada is the first to have introduced Canadian made glycolic acid peels into Canada.

Effective Simplicity

What do I need to get Started?

Whether you have wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, acne, normal to oily skin, normal to dry skin, extremely dry skin, sensitive skin, photo-damaged skin and menopausal skin, it's simple.

We recommend our #1 best selling Skin ReSurfacing Starter Kit. This kit contains a skin balancing cleanser that preps the skin to receive an active glycolic micropeel, a skin balancing toner to help hydrate and balance the skin's ph, and a quick absorbing moisturizer with solar filtering agents to restrict environmental UV damage.

This amazing "skin transformation" kit typically provides you with 4 to 6 month supply. Results are often noticed after one application of the products within. Long term results are achievable by naturally allowing the skin process to become more regulated. Even if your skin has been neglected, as older cells become replaced with younger emerging ones, this BioStrat skin resurfacing plan for home use offers incredible benefits to all skin types. You may learn more about this elsewhere on this site, and through independent studies in other sites.

  • Prep Wash™     
  • Exfol Gel 5%™  
  • Post Mist™       
  • Eco-Day™        

What other products does Biostrat have?

These BioStrat formulations offer additional support to various skin types undergoing a resurfacing process and  compliment customized skin maintenance plans.

  • Exfol Gel 10%™
  • LYCD Stress Recovery Complex™
  • BioBorage Calming Cream™
  • BioErase Renewal Cream™
  • Hemp GLA Complex™
  • RMS Complex™
  • Exfol Body Lotion™

Other Features:

Almost every BioStrat formulations is:

  • hypo-allergenic
  • paraben-free
  • non-comedogenic
  • naturally scented
  • dye free
  • artificial fragrance free

All are:

  • animal cruelty-free

Why should I use BioStrat?

When a product line incorporates ingredients holding broad-spectrum capabilities, meaning they can perform more than one task to help balance the skin, this tends to simplifly a person's skincare regime. In the long run, as the skin feels more balanced, and desired results start to appear, skin maintenance becomes easier.  Primarily it's the combination of ingredients that make up a product's cosmetic matrix that matters most

With BioStrat's specialized ingredient blends, just a few products go a long way. For example, many of the BioStrat products contain ingredients with known and studied soothing properties. Inflammation, typically marked by redness and swelling can often be associated with sensitive skin, dry skin, aging skin with photo-damaged skin, rosacea, and acne. Therefore, calming agents can help to reduce blotching for the skin to appear more evenly toned in colour.

Many of the BioStrat formulations also contain humectants to attract and retain water-moisture in the skin, which is essential for cellular metabolism. All skin types can benefit from well-functioning cellular metabolism, which assists a cell's ability to absorb nutrients and discard toxins. As well, most of our formulas feature one or more anti-oxidants for the management and prevention free radical damage.

All of this can mean little though, for all skin types, if accumulated dead cells are acting as a barrier and preventing or limiting the absorption of such beneficial ingredients. In the case of acne prone skin, dead cells covering a pore's exit route may limit or prevent trapped debris from escaping.

This is why BioStrat Canada, since day one, has emphasized the importance of skin resurfacing and products that support this process. 

What does resurfacing do? 

Overall, skin resurfacing facilitates skin renewal, while eliminating lifeless accumulated cells from the skin's surface, and signalling lower skin sub-layers to produce collagen and glycans that promote increased firmness, elasticity and resiliency, refined texture, improved hydration, and the discarding of wastes. In turn, this supports brighter, clearer, healthier, younger looking skin with enhanced capabilities to absorb other beneficial product ingredients.

#1  BioStrat Best Seller - Start Your Transformation Today
Glycolic Peels & Advanced Skin Care

BioStrat Skin Resurfacing Kit

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