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About Us

Specializing in skin resurfacing and botanical products for over 20 years, there's a reason why people with different skin types and concerns keep returning to the BioStrat Formulations™ consisting of Advanced Skincare, Nutrient enriched Botanical Creams, Lotion and Serums, glycolic home Micro-Peels, and professional grade Glycolic Peels.

Specialized Products for Spa Treatments: As a leader in supplying Peels and Advanced Skincare formulations, we specialize skin resurfacing formulations, supportive maintenance skincare, and products designed to enhance many spa treatments.

Specialized Products for Home Use: Our BioStrat Micro-Peels™ and advanced skincare formulations help to address many concerns and are used by men and women in the privacy of their own homes. You will find a wealth of information in this site. Enjoy.

Mission Statement

BioStrat Canada Incorporated's mission statement is to keep jobs in Canada while providing quality, Canadian made aesthetic treatment peels to spa professionals, and advanced skincare to the general public.

100% Canadian Company

Previously featured on CBC television, BioStrat Canada Inc®, is the first fully Canadian company to introduce Canadian made glycolic and advanced skincare that designed to enhance the outcome of various skin resurfacing treatments. Biostrat Formulations™ are made in Canada.

Advantages to Buying Goods Made in Canada

  • You help keep Canadians employed.
  • You help the Canadian Economy for healthy futures.
  • You avoid paying potentially hidden import fees, duties and taxes.
  • You help the Environment by reducing the carbon footprint on Canadian made goods shipped within Canada as oppose to goods made abroad and shipped oppose from overseas.

  • You support ethical labour standards where Canadian made goods are regulated in Canada, and made by adult workers. In some countries, child labour is practiced.

  • Offers local access to Canadian manufacturers, dealers and distributors.

Is BioStrat Skincare just about ReSurfacing?

No. We have a range of products that contain effective well-studied ingredients offering double-duty performance. Though, if you haven't yet tried the BioStrat Skin ReSurfacing™ plan, we highly recommended you start your transformation, today. We've survived several economic recessions because the products work!

What is Skin ReSurfacing?

Resurfacing is something that the skin wants to do naturally, Though this naturally occurring cellular renewal process tends to slow down with aging, and other factors.

Normally, when the skin is young and healthy, cells continuously reproduce (generate) and replace older ones.  Newborn cells, continuously forming, take about 3 to 4 weeks to rise and replace older shedding cells.  However, as this process slows down, it may 10 or 11 weeks to complete.

When cells are sluggishly turning over, you may perceive your skin as 'unbalanced' or notice a dull looking complexion, emphasized wrinkles, clogged pores, sagging or rough, uneven texture. Certain products may seem like they're not working as well as hoped, or like they use to.

Skin Rebirth

Stunning Transformations

For the next three months, we invite you to start your skin transformation with the BioStrat Skin ReSurfacing Plan™. It's simple, affordable and can take up to 10 to 15 years off the look of your skin.

Fortunately, technology has contributed greatly to the regulation of the cellular renewal and skin resurfacing process, which in turn supports exfoliation, a more regulated cell turn over, along with collagen and glycan enhancement for improved:

  • skin resiliency

  • skin radiance

  • colour

  • elasticity

  • clarity

  • hydration

  • texture

  • tone

What's the BioStrat Skin ReSurfacing™ Plan?

The BioStrat Skin ReSurfacing™ skin transformation offers several options, depending on what you seek to address.

Option 1: To commence skin resurfacing in the privacy of your own home, obtain the BioStrat Skin Starter Resurfacing Kit™ 

Option 2:  After you have been using the BioStrat Skin Resurfacing Starter Kit™ products for several weeks, for quicker noticeable results, consider a BioStrat Peel™ series. You may contact us, or one of our authorized distributors, to receive a  referral to a spa or clinic offering these services.  Once your skin has become accustom to the Exfol Gel 5%™, you may wish to upgrade to the Exfol Gel 10%™ , or the BioStrat Advanced Skin Resurfacing Kit™.

Is Option 2 a Must?

No. Lower glycolic concentrations offer many of the same benefits as higher concentration over time. However, if you combine both options, you may experience dramatic, visible results more quickly, over a shorter time period. Lower concentrations also help to prepare the skin to receive concentrations and maintain it thereafter.

What about my Skin Type?

We're aware that skin types and customer concerns vary.

Whether experiencing wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, acne, normal to oily skin, normal to dry skin, extremely dry skin, sensitive skin, photo-damage, razor bump, rosacea, or menopausal skin, the BioStrat Skin ReSurfacing Kit™ and Skin ReSurfacing Plan™ supports balanced looking skin at its best.

Can I do Home Micro-Peels myself?

YES. The BioStrat Exfol Gel 5% and 10% Micro-Peels™ feature the highest grade of glycolic acid on the market. They stem from a 99% clinical grade for maximum performance. This grade is also commonly referred to as the pharmaceutical grade glycolic acid. The BioStrat Micro-Peels™ are best used in conjunction with the Prep Wash™, Post Mist™ and Eco-Day™.

Offering quick noticeable results, these home peels and supportive BioStrat Formulations™ in the kit also enhance the overall outcome of select services that you may be receiving from a spa or clinic such as microdermabrasion, chemical peels and cosmetic laser treatments.

What are stronger BioStrat Peels™?

The BioStrat Peels™ branded as the Rapid Exfol™ Peels feature higher glycolic concentrations applied by specialists and are available through select spas and specialists. Depending upon your skin's tolerance and needs, these are normally offered in series that may consist of 3 to 12 peels, performed once every two weeks until the series is complete.

The BioStrat Peels™ are intended to be provided in conjunction with the BioStrat Skin Resurfacing Kit™ as special formulations serve to prepare, maintain and enhance the overall outcome. Once your skin begins appearing younger, brighter, smoother and healthier, your specialist may recommend other BioStrat Formulations™ or services.

Why choose BioStrat ReSurfacing?

Good question. In raw material form, certain ingredients come in different grades and strengths, especially essential oils and glycolic.  Some may also be weakened or neutralized by other ingredients that make up of product's cosmetic matrix. For example, a 10% glycolic extracted from a 20% glycolic raw material source may end up being a 1% yet marketed as a 10%.  Naturally, a 99% glycolic raw material source is considerably more concentrated than a 20% glycolic raw material source. The BioStrat Glycolic formulations feature extractions from a 99% raw material source. Learn more...

What is 'Acclimatization'?

Skin 'acclimatization' may best be described as a process where the skin first becomes accustom to milder resurfacing agents or methods before advancing to more intense ones. 

Resurfacing is shown to increase skin collagen and glycan deposition.  However, this is best described as being gradual process that occurs that parallels acclimatization.  Increased collagen improves resiliency while increase glycans improves hydration.  As resiliency improves, your skin may no longer feel tingling sensations that might have been felt when first  introduced to a BioStrat Micro-Peel™. This is considered normal.

In about the second or third week, the skin may feel 'temporarily' dehydrated as lifeless cells begin to shed and become replaced by younger, healthier looking ones. If you do notice this (not everyone does), for additional hydration and moisture, apply the Post Mist™ and Eco-Day™ Solar 15+ as your dictates throughout the day.

Warning: As your skin adjusts, and fells more balanced, your skincare needs will likely change.  If you have oily-acne prone skin, you may no longer look elsewhere for pore refining products.  If you have dry skin, you might not need as much cream or moisturizer as in the past. 

Where Do I Begin?

Keep it simple

Stick to the Kit

The BioStrat Skin ReSurfacing Starter Kit™ is the starting point in the BioStrat Resurfacing Plan™. Results are often noticed after one day or two days, though longer term benefits are generally achieved over several months. Whether you are to receive a BioStrat Peel series, cosmetic laser treatments or microdermabrasion, the advanced skincare formulations in this kit help to prepare and maintain your skin.

Keep it simple - Stick to the Kit

If you have a drawer full of other skincare product brands, please note that while some may be compatible with the BioStrat formulations, others may hinder the overall skin transformation  results that you are aiming to achieve. In support of maintaining  'controlled consistency', keep it simple. Four simple steps is all it takes:

Upon Waking

Step 1: Prep Wash™ (cleanses, conditions & prepares)

Step 2: Exfol Gel 5%™ (resurfacing glycolic micropeel)

Step 3: Post Mist™ (pH balancing toner, calms & hydrates)

Step 4: Eco-Day™ Solar 15+(moisturizes & protects)

At Bedtime

Step 1: Prep Wash™ (cleanses, conditions & prepares)

Step 3: Post Mist™ (pH balancing toner, calms & hydrates)

*Optional -For additional needs, apply the applicable BioStrat cream, or complex as the skin dictates.

BioStrat Canada Inc®. Glycolic Peels & Advanced Skincare

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